Thursday, April 28, 2016

April Photo Challenge Day 28

April photo challenge Day 28 - Trees around you Since I really don't get out much I got some pictures today of a few of the trees (if you want to call them trees - They are mesquite) in the yard. The first one is probably my favorite because it gets so big and droops down making an area underneath that my nieces and nephews like to play in when they come over. 20160428_111956 The next one is in the front yard and it doesn't get real big or anything. Kinda sad looking really. 20160428_111934 This one is the tree my one of my chickens likes to roost in. This one also gets big and bushy so I have to trim an area where I can under to get the eggs the chicken lays under it. 20160428_111931 And these are just a few of the trees on our property.   Have a great day! Renee

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