Friday, November 11, 2016

Veteran"s Day

Veteran"s Day is a day to remember and thank those who have served in any branch of the military for our country. My father is one of them.


The picture above is of my father now and the picture below is when he was in the Air Force. He sent this picture home to his mom when it was taken. My Aunt sent it back to him when his mom passed away some years ago. Of course he served many years ago, I am still very proud to call him my father. I care for my father now that he is getting older and I love to hear his stories from when he was in the Air Force.



I want to thank every man and woman who has taken the risk of standing up for our country. These are very brave people. Please take a moment today to remember those who have passed and to thank those who are still among us. They made the biggest sacrifice by serving our country. They deserve our respect. Veteran

So on this day, I say Thank you to every man and woman who has served our country.



I would love to see people you know that have served our country or to hear your stories. I hope everyone has a wonderful Veteran"s Day.

Have a great day!


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