Friday, December 16, 2016

Great Weekend

Oh my gosh! I got to see my son this last weekend. Now mind you I haven"t seen this kid since he was about 9 yrs. old. He"s the one on the bottom. This picture was taken one of the last times I got to see him. This was a great weekend.

We had such a great time this weekend with him. My husband pulled out the quad for the kids to ride and they had a blast with it.





T.J. is 15 now. He has grown into a handsome young man.

After riding the quad all day, the kids came inside to build the gingerbread house we got. This is something we used to do this every Yule because the kids loved it so much.

T.j. wouldn"t let me get a decent picture without his tongue hanging







This was the finished project. They did a great job on it. Much better than when they were younger. Here"s a video I got of them working on the Gingerbread House.



Later, we went looking at the houses that were decorated for Christmas. Mind you I live in a very small town. However, we did find this one that I thought was absolutely adorable.


Kira picked up one of our hens, Red, and we found that she likes to have the side of her face and under her neck rubbed just like a dog. I got a video of this too. It was amazing!



How was your weekend? Do you have plans for next weekend? I"d love to hear what you"re up to.


Have a great day!



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