Monday, September 21, 2020

Getting Ready for Fall With Pigs

Fall can be a busy time on a homestead because you're trying to get everything ready for winter. However, here in the desert, it's a bit easier than some places. 

I think that is the main reason I like living here. For us, getting ready for summer takes more time and work. All the pigs really need to make it through the winter is a warm place to bed down at night. To accomplish this we will give them a bed of hay under their shelter.

This will allow them to stay warmer at night. Now if we are going to get a hard freeze, then we may add walls to their shelter or a heat lamp for them. Either way, that won't happen until the day that we will have the hard freeze or maybe a day before if we have a lot to do. 

Thankfully, here, pigs are easy to care for over the winter months.

Have a great day!



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